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A Holistic Approach To Health & Healing

 As women, maintaining optimal health and healing is vital to our overall well-being. Her Wellness Unleashed is focused on supporting the whole woman – mind, body & spirit.

Many of us are the foundation of our families. Our children, spouse, parents, and loved ones, often depend on us. Therefore, we must be well…each and every day.

It is our duty to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically strong. Our body is our temple. We are responsible for what we allow inside. When you take proper care of self you will enjoy a long, happy and prosperous life.

Health & Nutrition

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As we get older, it’s important for women to maintain balanced nutrition and a healthy diet to support your body’s needs. Whether you’re looking to boost your everyday performance, improve your energy and mood or manage stress, what you put in your body can make an impact.

Taking vitamins in pill form are often difficult to swallow. With only 10% actually being absorbed in your body, you aren’t receiving the full nutritional benefits.

Daily Nutritional Sprays have all natural ingredients and are delivered in liquid form to provide a balanced dose of wellness. You’ll quickly discover they become your go-to supplements that deliver a spritz of nourishment in a genius little micronized delivery system, any time of day you need it.


Weight Loss

As you get further into your 40’s, you may start to notice weight gain, especially in the mid-section. Much of this is due to a decline in estrogen as women begin perimenopause.

This causes a loss of muscle mass, which results in a decrease of metabolism. You may decide to, “go on a diet” but may notice very little success.

So, why do diets fail? Because they only address the symptom and never the problem, and in a society where over 70% of the population is seriously overweight, we have a pandemic on our hands.

People waste billions on revolving-door diets designed for failure, because if you fail you need to do it again, and again, and again, spending more money, more time, and more resources on something that will never work.

It’s time to stop the madness. It’s not about losing weight, it’s about changing your lifestyle.

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